Pastel Carrying Case (empty)

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 #696210 Pastel Carrying Case
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Product Description:
Empty Wooden Pastel Case.
This compact carry case offers incredible storage for pastels and other materials plus extended work space! Comes with two pieces of foam that fit into the top lids for protection of your pastels. (Slotted foam for inserting pastels optional.)

17 3/4" wide x 12" deep x 3" high.

Weighs a little less than 5 pounds empty.

Inside Dimensions:
Outside sections: 11” (l) x 7 -5/8” (w) x ¾ “ (deep)
Middle inside sections: 11” (l) x 7 -15/16” (w) x 1” (deep)

Number 696210

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Atlanta, GA
March 27, 2012

I purchased the Jack Richeson Pastel case because I teach workshops and do pastel demonstrations around town and did not have a good case for carrying my pastels.
I really love the size of this case and even with the pastels in it, it is not heavy. I bought the foam inserts and my pastels fit nicely in the slots. I had to cut the foam to fit the side trays. I had some thin sheets of foam from some old pastel boxes, so I cut that to lay on top of my pastels so they do not shift around when the case is closed and I carry them. It closes snuggly and the pastels do not move. I can carry it by the handle and they do not move around. Great buy for the money!
February 11, 2010

I Love It!
This is a Jack Richeson Case- not a knockoff. Some points to take into consideration before you purchase:
If you order the foam inserts, you have to double them up or the pastels roll out of the space when you carry it. Also the foam is cut for smaller Unison Pastels, so others longer than 2 inches won't fit. My suggestion is to get the 2 inch foam for the smaller pastel pieces, then get blank foam inserts and to cut out the space for the larger ones.
I also cut out the foam inserts in the wing lids for my brushes and tools.