BEST Oak Art Flat File Package - 8 Drawers plus Cap & Base

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Product Description:
BEST Oak Art Flat File Package - 8 Drawers plus Cap & Base 8 Drawer Oak Art Flat File Package. All-new flat file!
Consists of a 5 Drawer (#880123), a 3 Drawer (#880122) and a Top & Base (#880121) - 3 drawers sits on top of 5 drawers to create 8 drawers!

{Pictured above: 5 Drawers alone plus Cap & Base. This package comes with an additional 3 drawers [not shown]!}

The Best flat files have the same finish as the Best easels. They are hand rubbed with oil to reveal the natural wood grain. It is a natural oak color. The handles of the flat file are brass.

Ships unassembled so freight is lower! Moderate assembly required.

5 drawer dimensions: 40" (w) x 28" (d) x 20" (h)

3 drawer - dimensions: 40" x 28" (d) x 14 (h)


1 - 880121 Oak Flat File Base & Cap (KD)
Cap - 40" X 25.5" X .75"
Base - 38.625" X 25.5" X 3"
(Shipping Carton 45" X 30" X 5")

1 - 880122 Oak Flat File 3 Drawer (KD)
40" X 28" X 10"
(Shipping Carton 43" X 30" X 3")

1 - 880123 Oak Flat File 5 Drawer (KD)
40" X 28" X 16"
(Shipping Carton 44" X 30" X 5")

Drawer Dimensions (Inner):
38.625" X 25.5" X 3"


The 8 drawer w/cap & base complete height is: 29.75"

DISCLAIMER: Please note manufacturer variances in wood-stainings can occur. i.e. The 8 Drawers plus Cap & Base comes in 4 stackable parts, 1) Base, 2) 5-drawer unit, 3) 3-drawer unit and 4) Cap; so the 5-drawers and the 3-drawers can have marked variances in shades of wood staining. This is not something we can control so no returns can be based on this.

{Shipping: $227.95}
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White Plains, NY
November 10, 2011

The instructions could have been better, but we were able to put the furniture together with only minor hassles. That was okay, as the furniture is well priced. My main issue with the furniture, was that every piece was stained at different intensity, which gives the furniture a hodgepodge look. Unfortunately, we will have to re-stain. I think the company could do a much better job of matching up pieces of wood that will go into an individual piece of furniture.
Fort myers, fl
October 18, 2010

Madison delivered promptly, as promised. But the<br />
cabinet is somewhat dissapointing. It is difficult to assemble<br />
because the pieces are not labeled and the<br />
Diagram and instructions are poor. A little effort on <br />
Richeson's behalf would be appreciated. How much<br />
trouble would it be to include some labels <br />
or coding?