AllerAir Air Purifiers AllerAir is the brand recommended by doctors. Browse our AllerAir air purifiers to find the product that best suits your needs. Madison Art Shop offers exceptional discounts on these unparalleled devices, and all AllerAir units Ship FREE.

Madison Art Shop has a large selection of AllerAir air purifiers for your home or studio. We understand how passionate you are about the works you create. However, your passion should never interfere with, or take precedence over, your health. With an AllerAir air purifier, you can work comfortably knowing that the dust and chemicals from your art supplies do not affect your eyes, ears and respiratory system. Whether you are set up in a home studio or you have a special space dedicated to your art, an AllerAir purifier is the safest way to create.

In general any painting techniques that will off gas (including encasustic painting - hot wax painting, and other mediums with toxins concerns), would be well served by one of our machines with the Vocarb carbon option. All of our machines are available with Vocarb (volatile organic compound carbon blend)- look for "Vocarb" in the model name or description. In all cases, you should see an increased efficiency in gas absorption with the Vocarb blend versus the Exec blend.
Top-of-the-line: Allerair 5000 Vocarb

Top Recommended Air Purifier for Art Studios
Up to 1,500 Square Feet: Allerair 5000 DX Air Purifier
Up to 175 Square Feet: AllerAir Air Tube


We think of our homes as a safe haven, but we do not realize how many chemicals and particulates clutter our air. Indoor air may contain any number of pollutants including dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold, chemicals and more that may cause significant health problems, especially with the respiratory system. Since we spend about half our time in our homes, it is important to have an ample supply of fresh, clean air.

AllerAir Air Purifiers use the latest and safest technology to filter the air in our home or studio. Many of today’s air filters target particles or chemicals, but the AllerAir filtration technology employs the use of HEPA and carbon filters, a combination which ensures that both chemicals and particulates are filtered out of the air. The True HEPA filters filter out finer particles than others on the market, and the MAC-B Carbon filters absorb more chemicals from the air. The filters are guaranteed to work for up to five years in most homes, saving you money in replacement costs down the road.

Doctors recommend AllerAir Air Purifiers!
Perfect For Your Art Studio!

Since the 1970’s manufacturers of particle filtration media have been manufacturing filters that are more efficient then HEPA media.
Whereas HEPA is rated at 0.3 microns, newer filtration medias are tested at 0.1 microns and will filter 99.99% at 0.1 microns.
Allerair employs 99.99% filtration media in the D and DX models. The 5000 DX Vocarb and 6000 DX Vocarb are designed with a deep-bed carbon Filter and a 99.99% micro-particle filters. These models are geared toward the serious artist that has to work with different art media which may cause both particle and chemical vapor pollution.

AllerAir high efficiency air purifiers offer you the safest most effective air cleaning technology available today
Dedicated to bringing you healthy indoor air!

***FREE SHIPPING on all AllerAir Purifiers!!!***

Brief Overview of home and office units recommended for Artists:
  • Basic Executive models are for artists concerned about particulate problems, such as working with pastels which leave particles in the air.
    These models are likewise recommended for artists working with chemicals gases and odors, such as turpentine, oil paints or spray adhesives.
  • The D models are more for artists who are worried about heavier concentration of chemicals gases and odors. (Although these units do have hepa filters, they are not as efficient in taking out particulates as the TRUE HEPA filters found in the basic Executive Models.)
  • The DX models are for artists who are using even heavier concentrations of oil paints, turpentines, spray adhesives or any products that give off chemicals, gasses and odors. This is much like the D model but has even more carbon for more absorption power.
  • Vocarb units are for artists who are using Volatile Organic Chemicals. Some of these substances include Formaldehyde, gasoline, benzene, alcohol, toluene, xylene, turpentine and most cleaning chemicals (some of these substances are found in glues and paints, so these units would be excellent for people using heavy concentrations of specific chemicals.) The Vocarb units also have a TRUE HEPA filter just like the basic executive models to capture particules in the air.
  • The 3000 model is used for desktop purposes. This is a smaller unit that is used for local use only, not for entire rooms. The 4000 models are good for up to 1200 square feet. The 5000 models are good for up to 1500 square feet (- the 5000 models are the most commonly sold units.) The 6000 models is good for up to 1800 square feet.

    ***FREE SHIPPING on all AllerAir Purifiers!!***
    AllerAir Air Purifiers are Doctor-recommended for all homes! The Executive, DX and Vocarb models, in particular, are suggested for working with art supplies.

    Doctors recommend AllerAir Air Purifiers!

    AllerAir High Effeciency HEPA Air Purifiers Trap not only Particles, but also Aiborne Chemicals, Gases and Odors!

    Our home air purifier systems come in Free Standing units and connectable to whole house Central Air systems too!

    Free Shipping in the U.S.A.! (excluding HI, AK & PR)

    AllerAir Purifiers offers the widest range of HEPA air purifiers, air cleaners and air filters on the market. From the lightweight portable 3000 to the powerful I-6500 cabinet sized, AllerAir's purifiers are the right solution to every indoor air quality problem. AllerAir supplies specialized air purifiers for healthcare facilities, airborne chemicals abatement, mold contamination, commercial and industrial use, disaster restoration, dental and lasik surgeries as well as air purifiers for home and office

    AllerAir filtration technology combines a true HEPA filter to trap particles, with MAC-B™ carbon filter which traps noxious gases and odors, the cause of so much respiratory distress and long term harm to health.

    AllerAir’s MAC-B filters contain pounds of carbon to safely and effectively remove these dangerous substances from the air you breathe. The AllerAir carbon beds are 3 inches deep, deeper than other makes, to provide maximum adsorbtion. AllerAir hepa filters are warm rolled to avoid cracking at the pleats. Other manufacturers use cheaper cold rolled hepa filters.

    In both, residences and workplaces, as well as in healthcare institutions or industrial facilities, AllerAir air purifiers are becoming the standard by which others are judged. Many happy purchasers have written testimonials to let us know how AllerAir High Efficiency Living Air Purifiers have helped them.


    The AllerAir team continues to lead the way forward with research and innovation to bring the benefits of clean indoor air to more and more satisfied consumers. An AllerAir Living Air Purifier is efficient, flexible, practical and cost effective; the safest and best air cleaning technology available. The most expert technology, superior quality and dedication goes into every air purifier AllerAir produces. Our air quality experts are available to advise you with the solution to any indoor air problem you may encounter. At AllerAir we are dedicated to bringing you healthy indoor air. The AllerAir Air Quality Library continuously brings you current news in the repiratory health field


    Indoor air quality

    Indoor air contains minute particles such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen and mold spores that can cause symptoms such as asthma, allergies and other respiratory difficulties. To add to this many of today's cleaning products, furniture, carpets and building materials give off chemicals which are hazardous to health. The EPA has noted that indoor air may be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air and that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, half of that in our own homes. Today's homes are sealed tight to shelter us efficiently from the heat or cold and this results in low ciculation of air and infrequent air changes.

    An AllerAir High Efficiency Home Air Purifier will alleviate these problems by circulating the air through a series of filters that trap these toxins and remove them from the air you breathe.

    It is important to buy a home air purifier with the capacity to trap noxious particles, gases and odors. So many people are disappointed when they bring home an off the shelf purifier that is only effective for particles and find that it doesn't change anything.

    An AllerAir High Efficiency air purifier is an investment that will help you and your family live a longer, healthier life and avoid the distress of respiratory problems and expensive medical treatments.

    Free Shipping On All AllerAir Units In The U.S.A.! excluding HI, AK & PR)

    Here are the DBA levels for noise:

  • Low - 35 DBA
  • High - 55 DBA
  • Turbo - 65 DBA

    On low it is real quiet, barely noticeable, on high it is louder but still not too disruptive, on turbo it is noticebly loud. However, the slower the air is going through the machine, the more effective it is at pulling the chemicals, gasses , odors and particulates from the air. Increasing the dwell time in in the unit as it is going through the cannisters only helps absorption efficiency. Higher settings will give you a more rapid air exchange but not the best filtration. ((You can run it on high for a short time for a quick fix, then leave it on low for high-quality very quiet air purification.)

    For replacement filters: the Hepa filter is good for about 5 years in a normal home environment. The carbon filter is good for about 2 to 2 1/2 years in a normal clean home environment. Smoking in the home will decrease the life of the carbon as it works like a sponge. Pre filters can be pulled out easily and cleaned with a vacuum or dustbuster every 4 to 6 weeks, after cleaning them 10-12 times, its a good idea to replace those.


    AllerAir High Efficiency Air Purifiers: Today, our homes and workplaces are sealed tight to maximize energy savings.
    the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) claims that indoor air can be as much as 50 times more polluted than outdoor air. We spend approximately 80% of our lives indoors, half of that in our own homes.

    By purchasing an AllerAir air purifiers, you will alleviate the symptoms that these problems cause, by circulating the air through a five-stage filtration unit to trap pollutants and remove them from the air you breathe.

    Studies have proven that indoor air contains chemicals, gases and odors as well as particles such as mold spores, pollen, and dust mites etc. This can cause symptoms such as asthma, allergies, and a host of respiratory and general health difficulties. More recent studies by the American Heart Association have linked air pollutants to cardiovascular disease and even cancer and diabetes. Further studies have linked indoor air quality with children’s learning disabilities as well as to the loss of significant productivity in the work place.

    Aller Air's Air Purifiers delivers the most carbon and HEPA filtration at the best cost effective manner! AllerAir’s state of the art air purifiers are an investment that will help your family and your employees live a longer healthier, happier and more productive life!

    AllerAir’s air purifiers utilize a five-stage filtration technology to trap and remove the pollutants from your indoor air environment. AllerAir technology combines a true HEPA filter to trap particles, and a MAC-B activated carbon filter to trap noxious chemicals, gases and odors.

    Chemicals gases and odors have replaced viruses and bacteria as the main threat to human health. AllerAir’s MAC-B filters have between 18 and 2000 pounds of activated carbon to safely and effectively remove dangerous substances from the air you breathe.

    AllerAir carbon beds are exclusively designed to achieve maximum filtration through sufficient dwell time, by utilizing deeper carbon beds than any other brand, guaranteed.

  • the EPA classifies indoor air quality as the number one air pollution problem today.
  • the EPA has noted that indoor air is 2 to 5 times, and as high as 100 times, more polluted than outdoor air.
    news reports about asthma, allergies, sinus problems, mold, sick building syndrome appear frequently in the media.
  • allergies afflict one out of every three people and indoor air quality is being blamed.
  • asthma has increased threefold in the last twenty years.
  • mold is an increasingly important health hazard. The Mayo clinic reports that almost all sinus problems are caused by airborne mold toxins.
  • chemicals in common household products are triggering cases of Multiple Chemical Syndrome.

    AllerAir Air Purifiers are designed to clear the air from all this.

    How often do the filters have to be replaced? It really depends on what the concentration of chemicals, gasses and odors are. If a normal clean environment, the carbon filter is good for approximately 2 to 2 1/2 years. With heavy smoking in the home probably between a year and a year and a half. It really depends on the environment.
    Pre filters are good for a while. They can be cleaned with a vacuum or dustbuster about every month, and after about 10 to 12 times of vacuuming, you can replace the pre filter. The Hepa Wrap on the DX models are good for about 2 to 3 carbon replacements. We carry all replacements.


    An Overview of the History and Power of Carbon

    1. History

    Carbon is the most adsorbent material known to man and has been used to purify air and water for thousands of years. In fact, the use of carbon dates so far back into history that its exact origin has been impossible to document. Historians do know that as far back as 1500 BC the ancient Egyptians were using carbon to adsorb odors from festering wounds and from within the intestinal tract, that the ancient Hindus in India were using it to purify their water and that carbon filters were used for ventilating vapors and gases from 17th century London sewers.

    However it was the 20th century that saw the development of specially ‘activated’ granular carbon, like that used in AllerAir Air Purifiers. With the introduction of poisonous gases during World War I, the military developed large scale production methods for adsorbent carbons suitable for use in gas-masks. These wartime advances in mass-producing activated carbons led to a post-war expansion in commercial production and applications of this amazingly versatile substance.

    2. What is ‘Activated’ Carbon?

    Carbon that is ‘activated’ undergoes a process which opens up millions of tiny pores and fissures to enhance the material’s adsorbent properties. The process creates a very large internal surface area, which is key to the power of activated carbon – the more surface area - the more the carbon can adsorb. It’s interesting to note that only one pound of activated carbon typically has a surface area of 125 acres, or 200 linear miles of fissures.

    3. How Does Activated Carbon Work?

    When gases, chemicals and odors pass through a filter packed with activated carbon
    these substances get permanently trapped in the million of pores opened by the activation process.

    Due to the large internal surface area of activated carbons it can actually adsorb up to 60% of its weight. Good carbon filters, depending on the environment in which they are used, can last up to 5 years before all of the pores are full.

    4. Where Does Activated Carbon Come From?

    Activated carbon is produced from a variety of carbon-rich raw materials like wood, coal and even fruit stones.
    Although much more limited as a raw material, coconut shells are recognized as producing among
    the most effective, highly adsorbent carbon. This type of carbon is used in nearly all of AllerAir’s air purifiers.

    5. What Does Adsorb and Adsorption Mean?

    Adsorption is the correct term for the accumulation of gases, liquids, or solutes
    onto the surface of something.

    Absorption, the more familiar term to most people, refers to a more general definition,
    which is “to take something into or through.”



    Thursday, March 26, 1998
    Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the unit that I purchased from you. (6000)
    I have chronic sinusitis and have tried a lot of different air cleaners but yours is the best.
    No longer do I wake up in the morning with a stuffy head, pounding headache or runny nose.
    You have a fine product that I’d recommend to anyone!
    Have a nice day.
    John Cory

    Dear Sam:
    Before purchasing your air cleaner, I was taking prescription allergy medication at bedtime to relieve sinus drainage.
    Since operating your Model 4000 at night with the bedroom doors closed, I have found that I can forego the medication entirely.
    The air must be so free of dust mite allergens that I can sleep better without the drug.
    Waking up this refreshed is well worth the cost. Thank you!
    Richard H. Rast

    From: Gwen
    Thank You!!!
    Att: AllerAir (Helder) Friday, January 11, 2002
    A Solution!
    The AllerAir units are one of the best solutions that I have found to remedy my respiratory difficulties and chemical sensitivities.
    We have even taken ours with us across the East Coast rather than be without it (bless my sweetie's heart for carrying it for me)!
    Physicians, while helpful in diagnosing my difficulties, could not provide solutions for me, much to my distress.
    I had become so symptomatic, that we had a humidifier running 6-8 months out of the year in my attempt to breathe and to evade migraines and sinus difficulties
    And this caused a further problem: mold.
    This was only the beginning of my health difficulties related to sensitivities.
    Since investing in our two AllerAir units, I have not used a humidifier once. My quality of life has improved 100%. This is absolutely incredible!
    ...I am breathing normally, and have no more migraines or consistent sinus difficulties caused by poor air quality, mold, and chemical fumes.
    In fact, I feel much better (so does my sweetie, who had no respiratory difficulties that he was aware of).
    I am better able to tolerate exposures outside of the home that I cannot control because of the benefit to my immune system these machines provide through clean air.
    I feel great that my family, including our precious cat, is breathing this clean air.
    There are two solutions, in my experience, that are true solutions for these health difficulties. One, air quality. For me, this includes two AllerAir units and a good vacuum cleaner.
    I have effectively created somewhat of a sanctuary in my own home- this provides me a place to boost my immune system and to feel healthy.
    The second solution, I believe, is good nutrition, getting enough sleep and hugs, and reducing stress in whatever ways possible.
    AllerAir helps create the clean air that every human desperately needs- an essential ingredient of this equation.
    I've recommended these machines to everyone I get a chance to- I like them so much, and want others to feel better, that sometimes I think
    about giving one of ours away just so others can experience what I'm talking about!

    Peter BromfieldFriday, January 28, 2000
    To whom it may concern,
    After buying a Honeywell air cleaner, I did some research and found out that it has nearly twice the power consumption of an Allerair 4000.
    I wondered why the company doesn’t widely publicize the power consumption of its units.
    I read about the Allerair 4000 and figured that I could save much more money in the long run.
    After receiving the Allerair 4000, I discovered that it not only uses less power than my Honeywell, but is also more powerful and effective!
    The air coming out of the unit smells crisper and fresher than with my Honeywell and the electric meter turns at a slower rate.
    I wish I knew about Allerair cleaners before wasting my money on a Honeywell air cleaner.
    There’s no reason for me to doubt that Allerair air cleaners are the best on the market.

    St Edward Early Childhood Center
    Montreal, 12 June 1998
    To whom it may concern,
    When we decided to improve the air quality in our day center, we purchased an AllerAir air purifier on the advice of personnel at the Lung Association.
    There was such a major improvement in the health of the care giving personnel as well as the children at the center, the directors decided to buy 8 more units. (One for each class)
    We are more than completely satisfied with the results of these purifiers and would highly recommend these units to anyone with children in their charge.
    If you are interested in improving the health of the children and the productivity of your personnel at your center, call me for more information.
    Suzanne Latreille

    Lee Witaker
    Dear Mr. Teitelbaurn:
    I am writing to you my order for the carbon filter and the pre-filters for my Aller Air air cleaner, I look forward to receiving them shortly.
    In addition, I wish to convey to you how very much I like your air cleaner!
    It runs constantly in my bedroom, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, on the highest speed.
    We have a fairly large room with a twelve foot ceiling and an adjoining bathroom.
    This area is my sanctuary from all the pollutants in the air.
    In South Carolina, we have an extremely long allergy season. Normally our trees start pollinating in February, and then the outdoor trouble begins! It doesn't end until our first several frosts have managed to make the pollens go dormant and killed the extremely high numbers of mold spores that float around from May until the winter.
    As I write this, we have yet to have had a killing frost this year. South Carolina is a beautiful state, we are in the Piedmont area and close to the mountains. We are also only four hours from the coast.
    But, those of us who are allergy prone pay a considerable price when it comes to the health problems that allergies are responsible for!
    In the year that I have had my Aller Air cleaner, it has made every overnight trip with me. I might leave home overnight without my Visa or Master Card, but I won't leave home without my air cleaner!
    I enjoyed speaking with you the other day, and look forward to many years of service from your wonderful product.

    Women’s Resources of Simcoe County, Ontario.
    Dear Helder
    When our organization opened our office in the old GE plant, in Berrie, the air quality in the building was very poor.
    There was little air circulation and our staff were experiencing headaches, fatigue and various other discomforts related to the air quality.
    We definitely needed to find a solution to this serious problem.
    After examining a few different options, Helder of Fabrizone recommended that we try the AllerAir air purifier for a period of time and see if that made a difference.
    After having the unit in the office for a couple of weeks we definitely noticed a difference in the air quality.
    The staff indicated that the headaches and the fatigue that they were experiencing were greatly reduced with the use of the air purifier.
    I would recommend the use of this purifier to anyone who is experiencing the same problems in air quality that we were.
    Kathy Willis
    Executive Director

    Wednesday, April 14, 1999
    Yes we have two of the Aller Air units.
    We use the units in an in vitro fertilization program and need to filter out biological, particular, and odors (air born organics).
    We routinely test the lab for biological contaminates (bacteria) using culture techniques, and particulate materials by microscopy examination.
    While we do not test for air borne organics per se, their effect on culture of our embryos would be readily apparent if there was a problem.
    Since we started using the units we have had no problems with air borne interference with culture and have had no positive tests for bacterial contaminates.
    While we still have minor dust problems (Which comes from our house air supply) they have been greatly reduced by having the freestanding filtration units in the room (I would estimate about an 80-90% reduction).
    So, yes overall we are extremely pleased with the units and have no problems recommending them to others.
    Please feel free to ask any questions you think we can help with.
    Dr. Sam Prien

    Duffy’s Bar
    1060 Herron Road
    Dorval, Quebec
    H9S 1B3
    AllerAir July 11, 1999
    Dear Diane King,
    I am writing to inform you of how satisfied I am with the air filter system that your company has sold to Duffy’s Bar.
    The air quality has improved immensely and our clients have
    mentioned that there is a noticeable difference.
    Thank you, again,
    Brant Read

    Richard Rast
    Subject: Testimonial
    Dear Sam:
    Before purchasing your air cleaner, I was taking prescription allergy medication at bedtime to relieve sinus drainage.
    Since operating your Model 4000 at night with the bedroom doors closed, I have found that I can forego the medication entirely.
    The air must be so free of dust mite allergens that I can sleep better without the drug.
    Waking up this refreshed is well worth the cost. Thank you!
    Richard H. Rast

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