MARTIN YALE Martin Yale Desktop Letter Folder (Case of 2)

Item Code: MY-P6200

Mfg List: $438.00
Sale Price: $399.99
You Save: $38.01 (9%)

Product Description:
MARTIN YALE Desktop Letter Folder (Case of 2)
• Use for small jobs where letter folding only is required
• Hand-fed machine folds 1-3 sheets in seconds
• Creates a letter fold to fit a standard size business
• Folds up to 30 letters a minute, 1,800 sheets an hour
• For use with 8/2" X 11" paper, 20-24 lb. bond only
• Accepts stapled sets
• Automatically folds paper when inserted
• Easy to remove unlikely paper jams
• Non-skid feet

Reasons you need a folding machine:
Vastly improve your productivity and save money in time and wasted paper.
A folding machine can pay for itself in no time!

• Have you ever considered how much
time you or your employees take to
fold letters, invoices, mailings, etc.?
• Do you regularly fold brochures or
bulletins - even small quantities for
small or special events?
• Is neatness or accuracy of folding
important to you?
• How long does it take to manually fold
2,000 sheets of paper or more? If
more than an hour, then considerable
productive time is being wasted.
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