MARTIN YALE Main Driver Roller (1)

A Martin Yale Main Driver Roller (1) can make or break your folder operations.
Item Code: MY-W-A095034

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Product Description:

As precision-oriented as most printing related equipment is, this is probably especially true of folders, and without a main driver roller, everything else is moot, or even worthless.  With a Martin Yale Main Driver Roller (1), you can be sure that everything else will fall into place from the moment you turn on your folder.  The driver roller will ensure that everything else about your folder will operated effectively, making feeding more effective and follow-through run like a charm.  In fact, the main driver roller is often the first step of problems in set up, and even during the job.  The Martin Yale Main Driver Roller (1) is one more step in the folding operation that you can count on to create a more finished and smarter looking product when you've completed the job. 

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