Maxit Adhesive System Coater (comes filled with Adhesive and 4" rubber brayer) - 36 1/2" width

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The Maxit is normally used in mounting digital prints printed from a wide format inkjet printer or laser printers. The adhesive is acid free and safe for prints. For larger prints (22" x 28" or larger) the customer would need a cold laminator (Quikmount or if they already have one) to roll down the prints properly to get a permanent bond.

The minimum thickness of paper that goes though the Maxit Adhesive System Coater would be equal to 32 lb bond paper. Any thing lighter than 32 lbs does not coat properly. The maximum thickness is approximatly .025 thick. To give you an idea of thickness, photo paper is .010, canvas is .018 and light poster board is .025 and can all be coated well. It can not coat any rigid boards.

We have another adhesive system called Rollataq. It has the same type of motorized roller coaters but it uses a cold, water based adhesive. This is normally used by framers and photographers for mounting prints. It provides a stronger bond than Maxit and will not be effected by heat or humidity. It is also acid free.

The widest model for both is 36 1/2" coating width.

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