Kopykake K1000 Artist Opaque Projector - Click to enlarge
Kopykake K1000 Artist Opaque Projector - Click to enlarge

Kopykake K1000 Artist Opaque Projector

Item Code: K-K1000q

Mfg List: $425.00
Sale Price: $349.99
You Save: $75.01 (18%)

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Product Description:
KOPYKAKE K1000 Artist Opaque PROJECTOR a high-end artist projector to capture more fine details

  • Enlarges up to 4 times or reduces to 70% vertically
  • Swivel the head to project onto walls for murals or onto canvas on an easel
  • Choose baseboard (14x20ins),or table clamp
  • Accepts max original image: 6-in. x 6in. For larger original images, just do one quarter at the time - first sketch out top right 1/4, then top left 1/4, then bottom right 1/4 etc...
  • Illumination: 2 250 watt color correct bulbs
  • Wt: 18 lbs

    Includes 5-year manufacturer's warranty FREE!

    Does not require dark room.

    Ultra-silent fan.

    {Oversized shipping: $18.75}

  • Customer Reviews
    By: Donna Ashby-Smith from Kanata Canada on 12/06/2012
    My husband bought this for me as an early christmas gift.I wanted to enhance my cake and cookie decorating skills. This is the machine of all machines. Superb customer service. Arrived on my doorstep within 5 business days. The product was extremely easy to assemble. No broken light bulbs as some reviewers experienced. Madison will definately stay on my links as one of my favorite buyers.
    By: Jennifer from Texas on 11/16/2012
    I am SO happy with my purchase. I just wish I would have ordered it sooner. I shopped around and could not find a better price than Madison. It arrived in about a week. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Easy assembly. I just used it for the first time tonight while decorating birthday cookies. My cookies look awesome. It really helped me on the writing on the cookies. I have an order for logo cookies for next week and I know this projector is going to make to make the job so much easier to do.
    By: Bonnie from Des Moines Iowa on 11/11/2012
    A great company to work with. Polite and efficient! I orders the day before NJ was hit by hurricane sandy. And I was assured it would be delivered no problems. Then that next morning I saw on the TV the devastation that occurred and thought, no way will my order come in time. But it did! And its a great great product! Would defiantly order from them again!
    By: Teri from Texas on 10/08/2012
    Love it....so excited! Easy to assemble!
    By: Christine Tsetso from Canada on 07/09/2012
    Price is great and it seems like a quality product. Mine arrived in good condition except the light bulbs were all broken. Madison Art Shop is replacing them. After putting it together, I thought the machine was broken as it wouldn't turn on. I think there is some sort of manufacturing flaw because it will only turn on if I push the door in. I will have to tape it closed when I want to use it.
    By: Susan from Wilton, CT on 05/21/2012
    Now that I have my KK for cookie designs, I wish I hadn't waited so long to get one! Best price around too! And one of the spare bulbs arrived broken and Madison Art sent one out right away, very pleased with them and posted the info on my FB Cookie Page.
    By: Caron from Brooklin, Ontario, Canada on 01/30/2012
    I bought this projector so I could advance my cookie making skills and designs. It's amazing -- great buy, fantastic price.
    By: Jaime from Folsom, CA on 12/17/2011
    I LOVE my Kopykake K1000 projector. I use it on cookies and cakes, and it works GREAT! I am so happy to have it. And the price is definitely so much lower than anywhere else. Highly recommend this product and this seller!
    By: Tara Connolly from Burnsville, MN on 11/01/2011
    I bought this projector to use when muraling. I love that it can be used with half of the lights on - works great when working during business hours. I've been very pleased with it's performance thus far!
    By: Yvonne Jaocbs from Lake Charles, LA on 10/03/2011
    I love, love, love my Kopykake1000! I purchased it to do cookies. I am very happy with my machine, and the price here was unbelieveably lower than anywhere else!
    By: Jill from Ashburn, VA on 09/29/2011
    I bought this projector so I could do more complicated cookie designs. It works wonderfully! It was very easy to assemble and use. This is by far the lowest price that I've seen for this projector!