Kate Palmer Taboret

Kate Palmer Taboret  - Click to enlarge
Kate Palmer Taboret  - Click to enlarge
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Product Description:
Kate Palmer Taboret.

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Taboret back-view: [Can be used from both sides!]

Best Studio Furniture... more than you dreamed possible but what every artist needs.

Best Artist Products are built in response to the needs of working artists

Artists work in ways that others don't. They bring to their work their own sets or ergonomics and procedures. Their studios are not dominated by furniture catalogs or the latest decorating fad. They have their own set of needs, desires, and solutions.

That's why Jack Richeson & Co. designs Best Artist Products in consultation with artists, not furniture designers. They listen and they respond.
Their inspiration is the artist.

Kate Palmer, internationally known painter,sought a studio that would fit her style and working habits. She needed a taboret that would hold her supplies conveniently, be versatile, and meet her demands both now and in the future. She talked to Jack Richeson & Co. They responded. "The taboret that existed only in my imagination became a reality at the workshop of Jack Richeson & Co.," she says. They fashioned my concept of the ideal taboret into beautifully designed and executed oak creation that performs even better than what I had envisioned."

When designing your studio consider Best. This is furniture created in response to the challenges of working artists. Beautiful. Inspirational.

  • Base Width/Depth 50" x 28"
  • Height: 42 1/4"
  • Front working height: 35"
  • Central Melamine work surface: 27"w x 20"d
  • Top Storage area: 48 1/2"w x 6-1/4"d
  • 3 drawers Inner: 45"w x 17-1/2"d x 2"h
  • 5 Bottom Drawers: 46"w x 26"d x 2-1/2"h
  • 2 back drawer Areas: 47"W X 7-1/2"d x 6-1/4"h & 47"W X 8"D X 7-1/4"H
  • Weight: 375

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