About HK HOLBEIN Watercolors

About HK HOLBEIN WatercolorsHolbein color chemists, using only the finest pigments available, have achieved the highest standards of quality control in the industry, working to precise standards at each stage of the manufacturing process. The result is unerring consistancy from production run to production run.

The development of the color making techniques was largely independant of European and North American standards. Each color line is adapted to meet the special requirements of the professional with permanence, brilliance and technique in mind. Artist Oil Color is formulated and ground to compensate for the inherent differences in the working characteristics of pigments. The result is consistent working characteristics across the entire palette. The Artist Moist Water Color is ground to reproduce the characteristics of the hand-ground pigments of the Renaissance, offering the water colorist America's most unique and exciting water medium.

Now Available in an incomparable range of 108 colors in both 5ml and 15ml tube sizes.

For the past 100 years Holbein color laboratories have developed and produced its moist transparent watercolor as an industry leader in brush handling qualities, light fastness, physical permanence, color vigor and a full range palette that retains its clean, crisp and brilliant characteristics.

Arranged within the primary red, yellow and blue groups, and augmented compatibly by earthen and green groups necessary to accurately reproduce images of the world around us, Holbein has produced 24 New Colors, each conceptually intended to enhance the artist's ability to improve the results achieved for specific subject matter.

Warning — Holbein is a professional watercolor line. Some colors contain traditional artists' pigments that are toxic, and in a water-soluble form or vehicle. Cautionary warnings should be followed strictly. Do not moisten or point a brush with the mouth. Do not eat, drink, or smoke while painting. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and skin. After painting, wash hands, nails, and tools thoroughly.

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