Keencut Heat Knife, Carrier, or Blades - Click to enlarge
Keencut Heat Knife, Carrier, or Blades - Click to enlarge

Keencut Heat Knife, Carrier, or Blades

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Mfg List: $240.00
Sale Price: $216.00
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60398 Heat Knife Carrier attachment: 
 Yes: $211.50
 No (-$211.50)

67100 HSG-0 Heat Knife (fits the 60398 Heat Knife Carrier, Blade not included): 
 Yes: $189.99

67101 HSO-N Blade. Fine Tip: 
 Yes: $39.99

67102 Type R Blade. Broad Tip: 
 Yes: $39.99

Product Description:
Heat Knife Carrier & HSGM Heat Cutter

Designed specifically for fabric graphics cutting and finishing, Foster Keencut’s Heat Knife Carrier fits on the Sabre, Sabre 2, Evolution and Evolution-E2 cutter bars. The
carrier device accepts HSGM’s HSG-0 heat knives and blades.
What you can expect:

Human errors and makeshift straight edges are now a thing of the past. With a single Allen key adjustment, the Heat Knife Carrier attaches directly to your Foster Keencut cutter bar. The Heat Knife cuts approximately ¼ inch from the cutter’s aluminum extrusion bar, ensuring precision straight-line fabric cuts in the same location every time.

Your shop can accommodate today’s highdemand fabric graphics – and more of them – using the heated blades of HSGM knives that cut and seal the edges of synthetic fabrics. Eliminate the time associated with cumbersome hand-cutting and final trimming of frayed or unraveled edges.

The Heat Knife Carrier is safe to use. When the spring-loaded Heat Knife is depressed, a center post triggers the heating mechanism. As soon as it is released, the heating
element automatically turns off.

HSGM Heat Knife Use & Specifications
• Blade heat time: 6-8 seconds
• Blade temperature: approx. 1100 degrees
Fahrenheit (600* C.).
• Electrical: Uses 120 V, 60 W

The simple-to-attach Heat Knife Carrier includes a spring-loaded adjustment for tightening and fixes directly to the cutter's aluminum extrusion bar.

Uses linear bearing sliding system.
HSGM Heat Cutter works with the 60398 Heat Knife Carrier.
Cut and seal the edges of synthetic material to prevent fraying.
Uses 120 V / 60W.
** Blade not included **

Type R Blade
This general-use blade (1.14 inches of heated surface) cuts straight lines easily on glass surfaces and is designed for synthetic fabrics, webbing and ropes of up to 17mm diameter.

HSO-N Blade
This precision-based pointed blade with 9 mm of heated cutting area is designed for fine fabrics and is useful in projects requiring curved cuts.

  • Cutting accuracy - Heat Knife Carrier consistently cuts 1/4 inch from the aluminum extrusion bar.
  • Quick blade heat-up - 6 to 8 seconds.
  • Safety - Automatic shut-off of the heating mechanism when the Heat Knife is released.
  • 1-year limited warranty for manufacturer defeats on HSGM heat knives. Does not include the recomended 1/4" glass cutting surface for use beaneath the heat knife.
  • 5-year general warranty on the Carrier
  • 20 year free warranty on Carrier's bearings
  • Carrier is 100% Manufactured in the UK

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