Grey Matters Palette Pad 12in. x 16in.

Grey Matters Palette Pad 12in. x 16in. - Click to enlarge
This acid-free palette paper toned in a neutral grey provides a neutral backdrop on which to view colors. When using a toned painting support, mixed colors appear on the palette as they will in the painting!
50 Sheets 12x16.
Item Code: JR-100281

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Product Description:
The Jack Richeson Grey Matters Paper Palette 12" x 16" allows artist to see how different colors will look on a neutral surface before they are painted. It is a disposable palette and composed of biodegradable materials. The tone of the paper is a neutral grey and it is acid free. Alkyds, acrylics and oils can be used on this palette. It comes with a reference guide for color mixing. It is a useful solution for any artist who needs to see how colors will appear before they are used in an artwork. 50 sheets are included, and they are all 12-inches x 16-inches.
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