FRIENDLY Plastic Pellets - 25 lb. Pail

FRIENDLY Plastic Pellets - 25 lb. Pail
Easy-to-use modeling pellets that soften in warm water for sculpting or pressing into molds.
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Product Description:
AMACO Friendly Plastic Pellets (25 lb. Pail.) The Friendly Plastic Pellets only come in one color (Ivory). This is a low thermo (melts at low temperature) polyester plastic which is biodegradable. All AMACO products are tested by a toxicologist for toxicity both chronic and acute. There is nothing toxic in the product, but if someone were to swallow the pellets or something made from the plastic, it could become a choking issue or possibly cause an obstruction if ingested. This product is not intended for unsupervised by children due to the heat necessary to soften the product.

Buy this Value 25# Pail which comes out to 400-ounces. That is less than 75-cents an ounce, or less than $3.00 for 4-oz (the 4 oz jar is generally around $10-12!) or $21 for 28-oz (the 28 oz generally varies from $32-$45!)


When you Google® Friendly Plastic®, you will find inventors and sculptors who make replacement tools, parts, and prototypes with white Friendly Plastic® Pellets. Even NASA ad M.I.T. use Friendly Plastic® for prototypes with scientists and students. Problem-solving and home repairs can be just as easy! Add to warm water for sculpting or pressing into a mold. Friendly Plastic® Pellets are completely reusable. Simply re-soften and start over.

Perfect for children's projects.

Shipping: $45.00
Easy-to-follow instructions included.
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Auburn, California
February 12, 2011

Madison Art always gives a nice discount on this product. I received free shipping and it arrived 7 working days later on my doorstep. Overall, a pleasant experience.

FRIENDLY Plastic Pellets - 25 lb. Pail
Product Code: Friendly Plastic Product Code: FP
Manufacturer’s Name: American Art Clay Co. Inc.
Section I – Product Identification
Product Name: Friendly Plastic Product Class: Arts & Craft Product Size: Sticks, Pellets
Various colors. Various colors
Section II – Hazardous Ingredients
Reportable Components CAS# Vapor Pressure Weight
Mm Hg @ Temp Percent
No reportable quantities of hazardous ingredients.
Non-toxic. This product carries the “AP” Seal. Labeling conforms to ASTM D4236. Polyester CAS# 24980-41-4. Biodegradable.
Emergency Number: (800) 374-1600
Section III Physical / Chemical Characteristics
Boiling Range: NA Specific Gravity (H20=1): Less than 2
Vapor Density: Heavier than air. Evaporation Rate: NA
Coating V.O.C.: NA Material V.O.C.: NA
Appearance and Odor: Sticks and Pellets
Section IV – Fire and Explosion Hazard Data
Flash Point: NA Method Used: NA
Flammable limits In Air by Volume: NA – Lower NA – Upper
Extinguishing Media: NA
Special Firefighting Procedures: No fire hazard.
Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: No. fire hazard.
Section V – Reactivity Data
Stability: Stable Conditions to Avoid: None
Incompatibility (Materials to Avoid): None
Hazardous Decomposition or Byproducts: None. Will not occur.
Hazardous Polymerization: Will not occur.
Section VI – Health Hazards Data
Inhalation Health Risks and Symptoms of Exposure: None.
Skin and Eye Contact Health Risks and Symptoms of Exposure: Eye – None. Skin – None.
Skin Absorption Health Risks and Symptoms of Exposure: None
Ingestion Health Risks and Symptoms of Exposure: None. No hazardous ingredients.
Health Hazards (Acute / Chronic): None. No hazardous ingredients.
Carcinogenicity: No – NTP Carcinogen N0 – IARC Monographs No – OSHA Regulated