Evolution 2 Workbench (worktop not included)

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The Evolution 2 Workbench makes it easy to precidely cut material to the desired length quickly and easily.
Item Code: FMC-6095X

Mfg List: $695.00
Sale Price: $625.50
You Save: $69.50 (10%)
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 #60950 - To Fit 64-inch Evolution-E2
 #60951 - To Fit 84-inch Evolution-E2(+$207)
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 #60954 - To Fit 144-inch Evolution-E2(+$522)

Product Description:

As a premium workbench the Evolution 2 can operate before the worktop is even installed. Users must keep in mind that this workbench must be used in conjunction with the Evolution cutter. The unique features of this workbench make it well worth the investment.

This workbench is a solid piece of equipment that is strong and secure thanks to its fixing brackets that support the bench. The feet of this bench are adjustable, meaning the bench can just as easily be used on an uneven floor as well as an even one without fear that the project being worked on will turn out flawed. The Evolution 2 mounting brackets can very easily be attached to this workbench. There are many different options for customizing this workbench thanks to its Keencut Proteus system.

Putting together this workbench is very easy and requires no special skills to be able to do so. The workbench comes complete with all the tools that are needed to assemble it. Since the worktop is not included assembly is pretty basic and the cutter is already on the workbench. Finished plywood serves as the recommended choice in place of a workktop.

At anytime that the workbench's cutter is not being used the bar can be folded up under the bench, freeing up the bench for work to be performed on top of it. This makes it much more convenient than similar workbenches that don't offer this useful feature.

As such a high quality product that is so easy to use, the Evolution 2 Workbench is a great piece of equipment for anyone looking for a sturdy and durable workbench for their own needs.

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