The Martin Yale EDP Forms Rack makes continual monitoring of your fed machines a thing of the past.
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Product Description:

For unattended feeding of forms, there's probably few things that would help do the job more than an Martin Yale EDP Forms Rack.  After all, how much time have you wasted having someone stand at a machine just to make sure that a continuous form was fed into it properly, and if it wasn't, they had to take the time to get it out of the machine, realign it, and begin again.  With a Martin Yale EDP Forms Rack, that problem is a thing of the past.  The Martin Yale EDP Forms Rack virtually guarantees that whatever you have to feed into your shredder or other machines will be done quickly and with minimal supervision.  This tool will allow your user to start a  feed and count on continuous smooth operation until the whole job is finished.  There will be no more monitoring or extra work with refeeding.

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