The Display Easel

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Product Description:
The Display Easel. Imported from Italy by Richeson.
Great way to display multiple items with class. Solid and stronf enough for a public thoroughway, such as a hotel hall.

Made from chrome plated and varnished black steel, this is a unique display easel that is attractive and practical. This unit was designed to be used on both sides at once. Depending on the size of the artwork, four pieces can be displayed at the same time.

Canvas holder are 28" wide with 2 1/8" appx. depth.
*Base Width/Depth: 20" x 22" *Extended Easel Height: 72"

The canvas holders, on both sides, are fully adjustable. There is room for 2 canvases totalling 69 inches. You can divide them up anyway you want. e.g. 35" and 34", or 55" and 24"... with any other variation for the other side...

Can holds up to four paitings at once, 100% vertically. Great for signs to!

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