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Full Spectrum and Natural LightingFull Spectrum and Natural Lighting Madison Art Shop has a huge selection of Daylight lamps. Artists prefer the warm, natural light emitted from a Daylight floor lamp or Daylight task light over artificial lighting because it mimics the warm glow and full spectrum from outside light. By simulating sunlight, your end results will be richer than they would be under artificial lighting. You’ll see colors in their true light, reduce the strain on your eyes, reduce the glare from your work and lengthen the amount of time you can work on your project without affecting your eyes or feeling the sting of a headache.

Daylight Lamps

Daylight lamps have a plethora of features that make them the lighting of choice for many artists. They are considered the best choice for your eyes because they reduce the glare and strain on your eyes after long hours of working. Additionally, they are approved by the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), so even artists with corrective lenses can work comfortably knowing that they are not compromising their sight. Additionally, sunlight lamps contain a full spectrum of colors that show the true colors of the item you’re working with. This means that sunlight lamps give you the best color matching possible. Daylight Lamps, in particular, feature Easy-Twist head-joints that can rotate and direct the light as you please, resulting in less neck strain on your part. Finally, Daylight bulbs and tubes use up to 80% less energy than conventional lightbulbs, last up for 10,000 hours and will not flicker.

Whether you prefer a specific desk lamp or the Daylight floor lamp, your sunlight lamp is ideal for a wide range of activities including painting, sculpting, needlework, crafts, graphic design, reading and more. Recent studies have also highlighted the mental health benefits of working under simulated sunlight, particularly in cold or dark climates.

Daylight, Sunlight, and OTT-Lite Lamps

OTT LITE & DAYLIGHT Lamps & Lighting - Simulate Sunlight! If you are working under OTT Light (simulated natural daylight) your end results will be better than if you are working under ordinary light.

Sunlight Lamps
Read about the benefits of simulated daylight from OTT light. Madison Art Shop carries natural light simulators like Daylight Lamps, OTT Lite, and more:

Approved by the RNIB

Approved by the Royal National Institute for the Blind (in the UK), so you can be sure that this product is perfect and safe for people wearing regular or low vision glasses.
Daylight™ colors
Love the colors just the way they are! The Daylight™ technology not only reduces eye-strain; it gives you the best colour matching ever.
Daylight™ technology
With full spectrum Daylight™ technology, your eyes will still be fresh at the end of the day! No headaches, no red-eyes, working under Daylight™ becomes as relaxing and natural as a walk in the park.
Twist the head of your lamp, not yours! With the Easy-Twist 320° head-joint, you can rotate the shade and direct the light exactly where you want. Another innovation from Daylight™.
Energy saving
All Daylight™ bulbs and tubes use 80% less energy. When you work with your lamp, you reduce your electricity bill and do your bit for the planet.
Experience the Flicker-Free light revolution with Daylight. No stroboscope effect, no headaches, just a pure soothing light to relax your eyes!

OTT Light
OTT Light is named after it's inventor John Ott. Ott was a pioneer in the physical and emotional effects proper light has on the human body and performance.
OTT Lites were developed to closely mimic the full spectrum of sunlight, while at the same time to have a low glare effect.
Because OTT Lites are low glare, they have become an excellent choice for crafters. Another benefit of Ott Lites is colors are seen more fully, similar to the way full colors are seen more in sunlight as opposed to the washed out effects of traditional electric and fluorescent light.
Try OTT Light today for your painting, drawing, knitting or any form of artwork and see the difference.

What are the main advantages of daylight simulation lighting?

Perfect color matching
Daylight Lamps' natural lighting allows you to see colors in their true light, i.e. as if they were viewed under natural daylight. This includes threads, cottons, paints, paper, fabric, ink etc.

Reduced eye strain
Natural daylight is the healthiest light source for the eyes, therefore a Daylight or an OTT-Lite bulb is more relaxing to the eyes because it simulates the light outdoors.

Reduced glare
The soft white light of a Daylight light bulb eliminates any reflective glare off work.

Healthier vision
Tests show that daylight lamps are kinder to the eyes than artificial light, meaming work can be enjoyed for longer and there is less reason to worry about affecting your eyesight.

Who uses Daylight Lamp's simulation bulbs?

Our Daylight lamps are very popular amongst individuals whose professions and interests involve considerable close-up, detailed work and color matching, for example artists, needleworkers, hobbyists, craftsmen, graphic designers, beauticians and avid readers.

How long does a Daylight bulb last?

Estimated life of fluorescent Daylight bulb is 10,000 hours. These fittings use approximately 80% less electricity and last ten times as long as a standard tungsten bulb. They are also low heat.

Can daylight bulbs only be used in daylight lamps?

For maximum effectiveness we recommend that Daylight lamps are fitted with Daylight bulbs, however the bulbs themselves can be used in any normal household fitting. They are available in a variety of sizes, fittings and wattages.

DAYLIGHT & OTT light Lighting is reputed to offer "internal clock" health benefits to those spending too much time indoors.


Daylight lamps

What makes Daylight lamps and magnifiers so unique?

Daylight lamps combines simulated daylight lighting with high quality magnifying lenses and innovative design. Developed over many years, our products have been designed for specific uses, such as art, needlework, craft, graphic designers and health and beauty.

How has Daylight become an expert in designing these speciality lamps and magnifiers?

Daylight Lamp designs themselves have evolved through listening to the needs of people who actually use our products - crafters and needleworkers themselves. Our research and feedback system has allowed us to be original in our designs, which really addresses the needs of our users and ensures we create the right products for them.

Which Daylight lamp is the best for needlework or other detailed crafts?

All of the Daylight products are created with close-up, detailed work uses as the backbone of their design. The key difference between our products is how they are used. We have products designed for use while sitting in an armchair, couch or at a table. From floorstanding floor lamp daylight, table top or clip-on s, there is a Daylight lamp for every type of use - a lamp for everyone!

Do Daylight lamps require a special bulb?

All Daylight lamps have standard fittings and can take a variety of bulbs available from your local retailer. However each Daylight lamp comes supplied with a Daylight low heat bulb at the time of initial purchase.

How much magnification power do I need to see detail adequately?

Most Daylight lamp magnifiers are 1.75X (3 diopter), which is powerful enough to clearly see all detailed work. What is the competition? Our main competition is inferior imitations. All our magnifying lenses are optically perfect. Daylight Company lamps, magnifiers and bulbs are sold on Quality and Design.

The perfect artists' lighting.


All Daylight™ lamps are fitted with high quality Daylight™ bulbs or tubes! Therefore every single person who uses a Daylight™ lamp benefits from the unique features of this special form of light - all of which are particularly important to crafters, artists and other creative people:

1. Daylight™ light enables you to see intricate details and the finest of designs with ease.

2. Daylight™ light ensures you see colours accurately at anytime of the day or night which is essential for colour matching of material like paint, threads and wool.

3. Daylight™ light is kind to your eyes which helps to reduce eye strain and allows you to craft and read in comfort for much longer.

4. Daylight™ bulbs and tubes are environmentally friendly as they are low energy light which dramatically reduces the amount of electricity used. Also, the bulb or tube itself runs cold so you can enjoy powerful light without the uncomfortable heat.

5. Daylight™ lamps are specifically designed for crafters’ individual needs across the whole spectrum of crafting techniques. Extensive research and product development by Daylight™ means that every lamp is styled to incorporate ultimate crafting flexibility and can easily be adjusted for optimal lighting.

6. Daylight™ lamps have been designed to combine form with function. These stylish lamps are available in various finishes and look stunning in any home while at the same time are brimming with essential features and accessories specifically for crafters

(Daylight™ lamps & OTT Light - OTT Lite )
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