RICHESON Kazan Squirrel Classic Mop Watercolor Brush- Size 8

RICHESON Kazan Squirrel Classic Mop Watercolor Brush- Size 8
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Product Description:
A Size 8 Kazan classic mop watercolor brush crafted by Richeson. Squirrel brushes offer superior control and can carry a large amount of ink or thin watercolor. Kazan squirrel hair is used on these brushes, and their premium quality beats out most synthetic watercolor brushes. The wooden handle is easy to grip and work with, and it is bound with plastic and wire. Similar in shape to a large round brush when wet, they hold a large volume of watercolor paint. An excellent option for experienced watercolor artists, there are few other if any watercolor brushes that will match the quality and control that this Kazan watercolor brush offers.
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Ellensburg, Washington
January 13, 2014

Excellent brush.
Amherst, MA
February 07, 2011

brush is excellent. allows for wide washes and detail work. you can get away with just about anything with a little control. shipped quickly and very cheap.

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