MARTIN YALE Black Ink OR Tri-Color Roller for 911,912,6380,6385

This is the required ink for Martin Yale 911, 912, 6380, and 6385 check signers; which saves the boss from having to personally apply ink to each check.
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 #MY-WRA6381541B Black Ink Roller for 911,912,6380,6385
 #MY-WRA6381541F Tri-Color Ink Roller for 911,912,6380,6385 - addl:(+$30.00)

Product Description:

Each of these ink rollers are used in Martin Yale 911, 912, 6380, 6385 check signers. These checks get signed through a rolling feeder full of custom check paper. Replacing these ink rollers is fairly easy, as most of these Martin Yale check signer machines have a spring mechanism. After the ink roller installation, adjustable screws are used to administer the specific amount of ink used on each check. These screws may need to be adjusted after the roller is installed.

There are two different types of ink rolls available: black and color. While the black is usually the most popular, some people many need the signature a specific color, which is what the color ink roller can accomplish. 

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