RED BARON LINO 95 ft Rolls

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Our first-rate linoleum is perfect for etching medium. 
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Product Description:

Etchings and making prints of the etchings have been an art form for hundreds of years. Originaly done on wood. However, since Matisse and Picasso began using linoleum in the early 1900s, this method has become commonplace. In fact, many artists prefer linoleum over wood because there is no grain to worry about, making it possible for artists to cut in any direction. Plus, linoleum is flexible and doesn’t crumble or swell with ink.

For your convenience and preference needs, we carry a wide range of "battleship" gray linoleum in a variety of sizes, both mounted and unmounted. Unmounted is the 1/8" linoleum by itself, with sizes ranging from 3"x4" to 12"x8." Mounted is 1/8" "battleship" gray linoleum backed with 3/4" pressed board, with sizes ranging from 2"x2" to 9"x12." Rolls are unmounted and range from 12" to 36" wide and 95" to 100" in length. Unmounted allows artists to work from either side while mounted provides easier handling and storage. The linoleum is designed to cut easily when using the proper tools, and produce distinct, clean prints.

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