Ames Lettering Guide

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Ames Lettering Guide
Manufactured by the Fullerton Trading Company

View a video on the Ames Lettering Guide
by Professor JoBeth Halpin of Triton College

A basic tool for cartooning, as recommended by all.
Hard to find, but we have it for you.

The Ames Lettering Guide is used to draw guidelines for freehand lettering. Holes are spaced for three different systems. It includes direct setting for cross-hatching, grouped sets of guidelines and inch or metric measurements.

Remember to always use your straight edge to make your verticals. The straight side of the Ames lettering guide works great for this. Also, don't forget that dark black letters are our goal.

The Ames Lettering Guide works like the chalk holder your elementary school teacher used. It makes guidelines for you to use when doing architectural lettering too.

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Natick, MA
January 20, 2013

I teach calligraphy in a medieval re-creation group, and re-sell supplies to my students and others. The Ames Lettering Guide is an invaluable tool for ruling guidelines for various letter forms, both for practice sheets and for real art pieces. The guide can be used with pencil, pen or stylus, so guidelines can be erased, permanent or indented. Several line spacing patterns are included. This little tool is an incredible time-saver!