LARRY GLUCK Art of Drawing Part I & II DELUXE Package (DVDs & all Materials) - Click to enlarge
LARRY GLUCK Art of Drawing Part I & II DELUXE Package (DVDs & all Materials) - Click to enlarge

LARRY GLUCK Art of Drawing Part I & II DELUXE Package (DVDs & all Materials)

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Product Description:
Order The Art of Drawing Deluxe Package
today and learn why Larry Gluck says that "talent is a myth" and anyone can draw!
Unlock your full artistic potential with this complete 2 DVD set w/All Art
Materials needed! Do 1 or 2 lessons a day and within weeks you will be an artist!

What is this? The Art of Drawing Deluxe Package is ideal if you want an acclaimed Home Study Course and all the materials you need to learn how to draw!

What you get:
The Deluxe Package includes both the Art of Drawing, Part I Package and The Art of Drawing, Part II Package.

The Art of Drawing Part I Package
• The Art of Drawing, Part I, DVD
• 147-page workbook
• Masonite drawing board
• 18 x 24 inch newsprint pad
• Two artist's charcoal pencils
• Kneaded eraser
• Bulldog clips (to secure your work)
• Plumbline
• Hand-held mirror

The Art of Drawing Part II Package
• The Art of Drawing, Part II, DVD
• 108-page workbook
• 12 x 18 inch charcoal pad
• Five sticks of vine charcoal
• One jumbo charcoal stick
• One compressed charcoal stick
• One stick of white pastel
• Sanding block
• Kneaded Eraser
• Three backdrop cloths
• Artist's storage case
Customer Reviews

Until now, sketching and drawing were pastimes only for the gifted few.

But now virtually anyone can learn how to draw beautifully with The Art of Drawing Series. And that includes you, talent or no talent.

The Art of Drawing is the only home study course to utilize The Gluck Method – a revolutionary process of fine art instruction that teaches the underlying principles of sketching and drawing.

Never before have these principles been so carefully and completely laid out in an easy- to-learn, step-by-step approach.

Visual demonstrations show you how to construct drawings from basic geometric
shapes, how to correctly proportion the
elements of your subject, how to
accurately represent perspective, how to
build and refine your drawings so they
come to life... so they look real.

Each new skill learned builds upon the previous lesson, while a comprehensive workbook guides you through the course with clear-cut exercises and illustrations.

The Art of Drawing isn't a few tricks or techniques. It provides the same skills handed down from generation to generation, from master to apprentice.

The greatest painters of all time first learned how to draw accurately with lines, then how to create depth with shade, and only then did they learn how to paint.

The Art of Drawing, Part I, follows in the classic tradition by teaching you how to create accurate lines and shapes – the basic building block of all representational drawing and painting.

Building upon those essential principles, in The Art of Drawing Part II, he teaches you how to make your drawings spring to life in three dimensions.

Here you will learn vital skills, including: how to shade, depict light sources, highlights and shadows, and how to refine your work so your pictures come alive.

After completing The Art of Drawing, Part I and II, if you apply yourself and follow this course step-by-step, you will emerge with the ability to recreate the world merely with a stick of charcoal and the sweep of your hand.

The Art of Drawing Courses represent more than a quarter century of painstaking research and watershed breakthroughs.

Mr. Gluck dedicated himself to teaching anyone how to draw and paint with unfaltering certainty and consummate skill.

In short, the Art of Drawing Series teaches you how to really draw.

Learning how to draw has
never been easier!