Richeson La Vara Table Easel

Richeson La Vara Table Easel

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Product Description:
Collegiate La Vara Table Easel by Richeson and Co.
This easel is perfect for those who want an inexpensive, well-made product that will hold up well with frequent use.

The Collegiate La Vara Table Easel is a great option for beginners or art hobbyists. Richeson products are always a guaranteed good buy. And the price does not get better than this!


• Extended Easel Height: 27 inches
• Maximum Canvas Height: 24 inches
• Base Width x Depth: 10 ¼ x 10 inches
• Compact Easel Height: 16 ¾ inches
• Shipping Weight: 3 lbs.
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Number 885101
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Greenville, SC

Good quality and inexpensive.
Olympic Valley, CA

I bought this table top easel for my 98-year-old mother who wanted to take up painting again. She says it's perfectly constructed, is now painting every day, and finds it easy to take to class.
Fort Collins, CO

I needed a number of easels that had to be well made, hold up to a lot of use and be inexpensive. This item met all those requirements, but was especially impressed with the quality. Well made and will no doubt hold up well!