Italia Alum Watercolor Field Easel - Click to enlarge
Italia Alum Watercolor Field Easel - Click to enlarge

Italia Alum Watercolor Field Easel

Item Code: MU-92-AE222

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Product Description:
The Weber Italia easel developed for use by both water color
and canvas artists. It is light weight Aluminum construction.
Note the carry case. Further it can fold down to use on a table.
Accommodates a watercolor Block up to 30 inch and a canvas
up to 47 inch. Professional choice.

Height adjustment range: 5” - 40.5” (measured up to lower canvas support) Accommodates: up to a 25” canvas 28.5” long when easel is folded •Weight: 03 lbs. each Table Top Position (Overall Dim.): 40”H x 16” D Upper Canvas Support Height Adj. Range: 48” - 69” Upper Canvas Support: 4.75”W x 1.25”D Lower Canvas Support Dim.: [A]17.5” x 1.25”D, [B] 8”W x 1.25”D
The legs have a snap release.
Italia Alum Watercolor Field Easel
Customer Reviews
By: Tod Connor from Santa Cruz, CA on 03/18/2009
I ordered this easel for my wife. She was having so much trouble assembling it that she was ready to send it back; she thought it might be defective. When I looked at the assembly instructions I also found them confusing. The pictures were not right. Luckily I was able to assemble the easel. My wife is currently enjoying using it and especially appreciates the way it allows her to put the painting flat. I would give four stars for the product and two stars for the instructions.
By: Claudia Brookes from Monkton, MD on 06/01/2008
I have used a similar easel for years--but not this one. It looks promising, in that it has a tilt mechanism for W/C and ALSO a stabilizer bar that you can hang your paper towels, water, etc. from. Usually you have to choose one feature over the other (tilt vs. canvas holder/stabilizer). It has some appeal in that it could possibly be adapted to give a platform area where you could set your paints; something might be rigged so that you could hang a little platform off the stabilizer bar--it alsready has holes.