Roma Presenter 9x11 with handle

Roma Presenter 9x11 with handle

Item Code: MU-66-PCD1331B

Mfg List: $39.99
Sale Price: $29.99
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When showing your work to prospective clients the first thing they see, is not your work, it is the quality of your presentation case.

Product Description:

Presenting work to a prospective client using a shabby presentation case is simply unprofessional. Many artists prefer the Roma Presenter because it has a prestigious look, plus it feels great to the touch.  The Roma system has the unique construction of heat-treated vinyl combined with soft quilted foam made together in a high-tech process. The result is amazing. It is soft and rich. This is the case you want to use to impress your clients. Twenty acid-free sheet protecters come with the Roma Presenter system. They mount on posts inside the case, holding everything securely in place.  This system accommodates artwork up to 11 inches by 9 inches. The case also has a convenient handle, so it is very easy to carry along with you for your next presentation.

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