20” X 26” Assorted Art Tissue

20” X 26” Assorted Art Tissue
Beautiful craft projects and expensive looking gifts start with colored tissue paper.
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Product Description:

Realistic flowers, transparent butterflies, and expensive looking gift bags begin with the tissue paper. This assorted set expands the possibilities to the sky and back. Mix, match, coördinate, or just use one of every color. The more sheets used, the more real the flowers look. Don't pay for a gift to be placed in a gift back and 'dressed' elegantly.  Fold each sheet in half diagonally, place the folded edge down into the bag leaving the corners standing up out of the bag. When assembling it, use as many sheets as you can fit into the bag. 

This set of tissue should be in every home and classroom for unexpected projects. It can calm the wildest of classrooms, save a parent's sanity on rainy days, and a mother's mind when a last-minute invitation comes in and she has to get creative about a gift. Transform an inexpensive bag into a designer gift with this set.

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