Wood Low Base - single door

It's important to cover all of your bases when choosing the kinds of furniture that you want for your work place, which is why you should get a wood low base! It will prove the piece that's been missing from your puzzle.
Item Code: SH-WLB-11A

Mfg List: $349.00
Sale Price: $309.99
You Save: $39.01 (11%)

Product Description:

A wood low base can prove to be an essential part of your work place, thanks both to its relative simplicity, its storage value, and for many, its aesthetic quality. Speaking visually, it's a great piece to use for those who tend to favor a more natural aesthetic for their space. This wood low base comes with only a single door, but is perfect for those who would prefer to have a more compact low base.

  • Compact design helps those looking for something smaller to fit into their work place
  • A high level of build quality helps make sure that this piece of furniture will last you for quite a long time
  • A good, cheaper option for those who find the larger, more complicated low bases too pricey
  • Oversize Shipping: $38.95

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