Wood High Base - 8 drawers/double door-36

When is a work space more than just a work space?  When it's a high base, of course, complete with drawers and double door storage area.  This Wood High Base - 8 drawers/double door-36 is for you if you are looking for a piece of workplace furniture that will truely accomplish everything you need in one piece of furniture.  
Item Code: SH-WHB-161x71

Mfg List: $1,433.00
Sale Price: $1,249.99
You Save: $183.01 (13%)

Product Description:

If you are tired of getting less instead of more when it comes to your office work space, this Wood High Base - 8 drawers/double door-36 is just what you need.  Made of solid wood construction with tempered joints, this high base has more space to work than any other.  Made of high grade wood, this has space on top to work as well as plenty of storage space underneath for everything you need, whether you want drawers or open space that will keep everything clean and well organized.  (Oversize Shipping: $227.95)

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