Alvin Vel Trac 17X22 100Pkg

Alvin Vel Trac 17X22 100Pkg
With this tracing paper, you will have a sturdy, synthetic-resin paper that resists creasing, smearing and other probelms some tracing papers struggle with.
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Product Description:
The synthetic resins used to make this high-quality Alva-Line tracing paper give it a host of special properties. Many tracing papers have problems with ghosting, blurring and discoloration over time. But with this sturdy paper, you can erase and redraw without the problem of ghosting and without creating blurs and smudges in the process. The tough makeup of this paper also keeps it resistant to folding lines, creasing, bursting and tearing. With the ease of using this tracing paper, you can write, erase, make changes and even run this paper through machines again and again without creating discolorations.

This paper has already been pre-aged, and it is high controlled for quality to assure a uniform product across every pack of sheets. This 100-sheet pack has sheets that are each uniform in their transparency and strength. This paper rates better than most tracing papers for its resistance to many common problems such as tearing. The high strength of this paper sets it above and beyond the average tracing papers on the market. And, it will work well with typed words, ink, pencil, crayons, water colors and more. The fine tooth of this medium allows it to take on the perfect amount of pencil graphite. The uniformity and the reputation for high quality has made these Alva-line tracing papers the first choice for those who want the highest quality possible.
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