Alvin Vel Papr W/T-Blk 17X22 100Pkg

Alvin Vel Papr W/T-Blk 17X22 100Pkg
Alvin Vellum papers are the highest quality, strongest tracing papers on the market. Order some today for your next project.
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Product Description:
Alvin vellum tracing papers are the perfect choice for any project requiring high quality transparent paper. The Alvin company’s rigorous manufacturing process results in the highest quality papers that are uniform between lots in every way. Should you need to switch lots mid-project, you won’t see any differences in quality, appearance or performance in the papers. They are manufactured with synthetic resin materials, which give the paper properties that make it stronger than most other vellums on the market. These papers won’t tear, and they resist folding, and surpass all specifications required by government standards on these properties. The synthetic resins also give the paper its smudge-proof and smear-proof property, even when an image needs to be erased. You won’t see ghosts left behind after erasing on an Alvin vellum paper. Nor will they show up when you make copies of your project. Erasures disappear completely. Speaking of copies, the Alvin vellum papers remain transparent and do not become discolored, no matter how many times they are run through copy machines or printers. They also test well as they age by holding their transparency, color and strength, far better than other brands on the market. You can use pencil, ink, water colors, crayons, even type writing on Alvin vellum paper and its fine-tooth surface accepts all media beautifully. The surface even holds the graphite in the pencil well so it doesn’t smear or fade, as most vellums do. This Alvin vellum paper is 17 x 22, and is shrink wrapped 100 sheets to a package.
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