Silentaire Val-Air 50-15 AL Ultra-Quiet Compressor

Item Code: ST-M17190

Mfg List: $1,785.00
Sale Price: $1,159.99
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Product Description:
Silentaire Val-Air 50-15 AL Our Val-Air line of compressors are virtually "noiseless" and are completely automatic. All units come equipped with a tank, pressure regulator with built in moisture trap and line pressure gauge, tank pressure gauge, safety valve, air intake filter and a carrying handle or wheels for extra portability. All Val-Air models are top of the line and have been upgraded to one or more heavy-duty 1/2 horsepower "AL" pumps featuring aluminum heads with cooling fins. Also included on all models is an internally painted tank to prevent rust and an in-line coalescing filter for oil mist removal. Models 50-T-Aire, 100-24, 100-50, 150-50, 200-100 and 300-100 also include built in electric cooling fans for each motor. All Val-Air models are also available in 220volt/60Hz or 220volt/50Hz.

1/2 HP, 4.0 Gallon Tank, without fan & wheels
2.15 CFM Free Air
84-114 PSI Op_Pressure
Shipping Weight: 60 pounds
Voltage: 110Volt/60Hz

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jacksonville nc
January 30, 2011

i ordered on 18 dec and the compressor arived on 27 dec. not a complaint so much about the shipping time . customer service was good. complaint is that i spent a 1000 plus on this unit. i have used their products for several years . after unpacking i found the regulator pressure guage in a plastic bag apart from the unit , with a bent and mangled dial face and the lens cracked. and then during the rest of my inspection i found a large chip of metal in the oil level sight glass. maddison art shop did their job fine but i will not buy from silentaire again. i thought they were better than that. i also noticed that they have cheaped out their guages and filter systems after raising their prices. i,d like to have the guage replaced but don,t want to go through all the trouble and wind up paying for more shipping. john