Silentaire Val-Air 50-T-Aire Ultra-Quiet Compressor

Silentaire Val-Air 50-T-Aire Ultra-Quiet Compressor
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Silentaire Val-Air 50-T-Aire Ultra-Quiet Compressor The Silentaire Val-Air 50-T-Aire is a heavy duty air compressor. As with all silent air compressors they are virtually noiseless. Silent air took their standard compressors and added even more features to make the Val-Air serious a deluxe version. Every model comes with a 6 gallon tank. A pressure regulator is built insuring safety, as the power is automatically shut off when the maximum pressure of 114 PSI is reached. Other features include a tank pressure gauge, safety valve and an air-take filter, which insure that the air produced is smooth and regulated. The Silentaire Val-Air 50-T has a cooling fan atop of the pump. This help to get rid of the heat safely. There is also a coalescent filter to remove any oil that the compressor may remit. The tank of the filter is painted on the inside to prevent rust. All of these features included make this compressor runs ultra smoothly and provide you with years of excellence. A built in Telescoping Handle makes for easier handling. The compressor comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for 1 year.

1/2 HP, 6 Gallon Tank, with fan & pneumatic wheels
2.15 CFM Free Air
84-114 PSI Op_Pressure
Shipping Weight: 106 pounds
Voltage: 110Volt/60Hz
{Shipping: $70.95}
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Belmont, NC
April 26, 2011

The compressor arrived within a couple of days after ordering. It was exactly as described. The unit is very quiet and I am very pleased with its performance. I would recommend this unit to anyone that needs a compressor for their airbrush needs.

Silentaire Val-Air 50-T-Aire Our Val-Air line of compressors are virtually "noiseless" and are completely automatic. All units come equipped with a tank, pressure regulator with built in moisture trap and line pressure gauge, tank pressure gauge, safety valve, air intake filter and a carrying handle or wheels for extra portability. All Val-Air models are top of the line and have been upgraded to one or more heavy-duty 1/2 horsepower "AL" pumps featuring aluminum heads with cooling fins. Also included on all models is an internally painted tank to prevent rust and an in-line coalescing filter for oil mist removal. Models 50-T-Aire, 100-24, 100-50, 150-50, 200-100 and 300-100 also include built in electric cooling fans for each motor. All Val-Air models are also available in 220volt/60Hz or 220volt/50Hz.