Uncertainty: Modernity and Art (DVD / VHS)

Uncertainty: Modernity and Art (DVD / VHS)
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Uncertainty: Modernity and Art (DVD / VHS). Instead of offering an idealized or ennobled vision of humankind, modern art—an instrument of the tumultuous 20th century—communicates chaos, anxiety, and above all, uncertainty. In this program, Matthew Collings contrasts the works of Pablo Picasso with the abstracts of Paul Klee and Piet Mondrian and the architecture of Le Corbusier; tells how the Nazis tried to eradicate modern art’s uncertainties with some crushing certainties of their own; and shows how modern art’s relationship with modern life changed—first with the rise of Abstract Expressionism, then with Pop Art. The program also stretches into contemporary art to ask: What can we still believe in? And is Western civilization nearing its end? Original broadcast title: Uncertainty. (49 minutes) FREE SHIPPING in the 48 states

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