Levels of Discovery TIME OUT ROCKER - GIRL

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Levels of Discovery Time Out Rocker (Girl Style)
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Do you use the "Time Out" method when your child acts inappropriately? Now you can do with an extra touch of love!
This children's "Time Out" chair includes a special message for your child: "Time out to think about the things you do, but always remember, I love you!"

Complete with actual timer you can set for up to 15 minutes!
Even "time out" becomes fun with this chair!
Special understamp beneath the seat that the customer can personalize with the child’s name, the name of the gift-giver and the special occasion when the chair is received
Photo greeting card included so the child can say "THANK YOU" in a memorable way.

Height: 29"
Height of seat: 12 1/2"

{Free Shipping in the 48 states!}
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