The Mythic Camera of Frank Hurley Video(VHS/DVD)

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The Mythic Camera of Frank Hurley Video. One of the last of the renowned imperial adventurers, Frank Hurley captured the first images ever seen of some of the world's most inhospitable and uncharted territories. But historians now know that some of "Captain Hurley's" photos were elaborate concoctions-and a few were outright fakes. This stimulating program follows Hurley's footsteps in the early. 1900s to the Antarctic, Belgium, Papua New Guinea, Israel, and Australia to see if he was a giant of photography or a conjurer with a camera. His snapshots of Antarctic heroes, world wars, and mysterious natives in faraway jungles seized the imagination of all who saw them. But were those images transformed in the darkroom to the level of myth? (53 minutes.) Photography, Art and Photography 2004.
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