Silentaire Super Silent 50-TC Ultra-Quiet Compressor

Item Code: ST-MM2209

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Product Description:
Silentaire Super Silent 50-TC The Silentaire Super Silent 50-TC Ultra-Quiet Compressor is truly practically noiseless.
This Automatic Air Compressor includes:
  • Tank
  • Pressure regulator with built in moisture trap and line pressure gauge
  • Safety valve
  • Air intake filter
  • Carrying handle.

    I would recommend this Sil air 50 TC.
    It has a 1 gallon tank and is 1/2 Hp motor.
    It will give you plenty of air flow along with longevity. I have seen these compressors in the field for 15+ years and still working perfect.
    This compressor is going to meet the needs of an avid airbrush user.

    1/2 HP, 0.9 Gallon Tank
    2.0 CFM Free Air
    84-114 PSI Op-Pressure
    Shipping Weight: 43 pounds
    Voltage: 110 V-60
    Designed for "Heavy-Duty" use.
    One operator using 3 or 4 brushes.

    A larger tank can be hooked up, as long as the motor maintains a 50% duty cycle when operating.

    {Shipping: $45.00}

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    Ranging form 1/5th to 1/2 horsepower in a selection of configurations, including optional 220volt/60Hz and 220volt/50Hz, there is a Super Silent air compressor that is right for you.