Silentaire Super Silent 30-TC Ultra-Quiet Ultra-Quiet Compressor

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Product Description:
Silentaire Super Silent 30-TC The Silentaire Super Silent 30-TC is a compressor that is super quiet yet super powerful at the same time. At 1/3 horse power this compressor delivers air pressure of 84-114 per square inch (PSI),which allows you to pursue all you airbrush activities. The Super Silent 30-TC compressor is completely automatic. This model has built in pressure regulator, which is a shut off feature, which automatically turns the compressor off when the maximum pressure is reached. This means less running time for your motor, reducing the wear and tear and increasing the longevity of your compressor. There is also a safety release valve that automatically releases the excess pressure once the maximum pressure is reached, making this a safe model to use. The compressor comes equipped with a .9 gallon tank. There is also a built in moisture trap, which together with the built in pressure regulator provides a constant and precise airflow which is also clean and dry. A built in handle makes the compressor more portable and easier to handle. The Super Silent 30-TC comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

1/3 HP, 0.9 Gallon Tank
1.08 CFM Free Air
84-114 PSI Operating Pressure
Shipping Weight: 46 pounds
Voltage: 110 Volt/60Hz

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Quincy, Mass
December 28, 2010

I used the Silent 30 in my practice. It's VERY quiet and well constructed. Madison did a great job regarding shipping and price. I would do business with them anytime.
November 08, 2009