Silentaire Super Silent 20-A Compressor

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Silentaire Super Silent 20-A - The Silentaire Super Silent 20-A will provide you with endless satisfaction for all you airbrush requirements. This compressor is designed for one operator using up to two airbrushes. As with all Silentaire compressors, it is virtually noiseless. The humming of the motor will be barely audible over the sound of the actual airbrushing. The compressor is completely automatic with a tank pressure gauge. Once the maximum air pressure is reached, which is 85 per square inch (PSI), the compressor automatically shuts off, ensuring the safety of the user. The 20-A model has a line pressure regulator and a moisture trap/filter which allow for precise adjustment of airflow and winning results. It comes equipped with a 0.4 gallon tank. The Silentaire Super Silent 20 weighs 37 lbs and comes with a built in handle for balanced carrying and easy mobility. A 1 year manufacturer warranty come included.

1/5 HP, 0.4 Gallon Tank
0.7 CFM Free Air
55-85 PSI Operating Pressure
Shipping Weight: 43 pounds
Voltage: 110Volt/60Hz

Each compressor will be delivered with a complimentary bottle of Silentaire Compressor oil

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New england
December 03, 2010

This compressor far exceeded my expectations it is so Quiet you really have to strain to tell it's running, the airbrush when spraying is much louder. And the Build quality seem fantastic. I've had a Badger "Silent 1" 380-11 for the last 20 years (had to replace it cause the tank finally rusted out) and man what a difference that thing was loud

Our Super Silent line of compressors are virtually "noiseless" and are completely automatic. All units come equipped with a tank, pressure regulator with built in moisture trap and line pressure gauge, safety valve, air intake filter and a carrying handle. Ranging form 1/5th to 1/2 horsepower in a variety of configurations, including optional 220volt/60Hz and 220volt/50Hz, there is a Super Silent air compressor that is right for you.