Steel Workbench - 2" RS-18

A steel workbench is the ideal working surface for all kinds of heavy duty use and demands. Steel is one of the most resistant surfaces to work on, ensuring a long-lasting platform for numerous projects.
Item Code: SH-MLB-1316

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Product Description:

For those who need platform where they can operation numerous manufacturing products without worrying about the work surface becoming damaged over time, the Steel Workbench - 2" RS-18 is an ideal choice. This brute of a work surface can take impact, heat, chemical use, grinding, sawing and much more without issue. It is the ideal fabrication surface to work on that will last the longest as well. For an equipment investment for a major workshop or for a classroom setting that see numerous cycles of fabriction or art students, this is the type of surface to be working on. In fact, these work benches might last longer than the teacher or instructor.

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