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Get a hold of your child's own Grasshopper Wagon and get them enjoying a fun, classic pastime now. 
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Product Description:

The Grasshopper wagon is an invigorating way of exciting your child by today’s standards. By taking the construction of a classic, toy design; combining it with modern engineering and art, the result is a hand-carved wagon where children can sit comfortably and safely in. It is both an artistic design that is durable enough for years of use and for dealing with the type of abuse a child is likely to give it. This wagon was made to have fun with. Finishings on various wood surfaces are shellac. …dried over fine-grain and selected woods that include willow and birch. The wagon’s deck is sturdily built with notched, tongue grooves that joints sanded birch planks together. These connections make a secure platform where kids can sit and place items upon with confidence and style. It’s full, cab diameter allows for perfect spacing where two children can sit as they secure themselves with a back rest and strong but fine-wood railings. Before being shipped out, there will be three coats of finish given to the Grasshopper wagon so it resists well against the unforgiven elements found in the outdoors. The spirits of young ones are always encouraged by this reliable four-wheeled wagon throughout its many years of use. In consideration of the terrain that kids will pull this wagon across, the undercarriage is powder-coated and will stay in its best visual appeal. Additionally, every nut, screw and bolt is made of strong stainless steel composites that offer extra strength to the overall design. This wagon comes with a one year warranty and will need adult supervision for assembly. 

Convertible to both a sled and a wagon!

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