Silentaire Sil-Air 150-50 Ultra-Quiet Compressor

Item Code: ST-M31510(150-50)

Mfg List: $3,990.00
Sale Price: $2,589.99
You Save: $1,400.01 (35%)

Product Description:
Silentaire Sil-Air 150-50 Our Sil-Air line of compressors are virtually "noiseless" and are completely automatic. All units come equipped with a tank, pressure regulator with built in moisture trap and line pressure gauge, tank pressure gauge, safety valve, air intake filter and a carrying handle or wheels for extra portability. All Sil-Air models have one or more heavy-duty 1/2 horsepower pump for increased reliability and durability. All Sil-Air models are also available in 220volt/60Hz or 220volt/50Hz.

3 x 1/2 HP, 13 Gallon Tank
6.45 CFM Free Air
84-114 PSI Op-Pressure
Shipping Weight: 224 pounds
Voltage: 220Volt/60Hz
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