Silentaire Scorpion I-W Ultra-Quiet Compressor

Silentaire Scorpion I-W Ultra-Quiet Compressor
Use the Silentaire Scorpion Ultra-Quiet Compressor to improve your airbrushing technique.
Item Code: ST-M00133

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The Silentaire Scorpion Ultra-Quiet Compressor is available in both single and dual piston. This compressor is compact and portable, which is beneficial when moving your airbrushing equipment to different areas. You can connect any airbrush you have to the hose. While working on a project, you likely do not want to hear a loud compressor. You will not have to worry about that with this compressor, as it can barely be heard. This allows you to concentrate on the job you are doing instead of being distracted from the noise. This compressor features an on and off switch, and an automatic shut-off switch to turn the compressor off when you stop airbrushing, and then back on when you resume. This reduces the running time, minimizes wear on the motor, and eliminates moisture build up due to heat.


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April 29, 2010

It does not look like the same as picture they display.
This compressor works fine,and quiet.
A few deep scratch when I got it.