Silentaire Scorpion II-TT Ultra-Quiet Compressor

Silentaire Scorpion II-TT Ultra-Quiet Compressor
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Silentaire Scorpion II-TT

Our Scorpion line offers both single and dual piston compressors that are compact, portable, oilless and require no maintenance. Scorpion compressors are extremely quiet - sound level barely above a whisper - and come with a hose to connect with virtually any airbrush. Standard features include a simple on/off switch which activates the compressor and also an automatic shut-off switch which turns off the compressor when not in use and back on when airbrushing is resumed. This eliminates heat-related moisture build-up, reduces running time and minimizes motor wear.

1. The Scorpion II-TT Compressor is rated at 50 decibels.
2. The Scorpion has a drain on the bottom of the tank to drain moisture.
3. Scorpion comes with 2 airbrush hoses with universal adaptors to fit Badger, Iwata and Paasche etc.
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Item-No.: FS-MA1000TT
Psi @ auto shut-off: 55
CFM @ 0 psi: 1.42
CFM @ max. psi: 0.74
HP-rating: 1/6
Compressor dimensions: 11.2" x 11.8" x 9.3
Carton Dimensions: 14.3" x 12.8" x 10.8
Compressor weight: 17 lbs.
Packaged weight: 20 lbs.

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Norwalk Ct
July 11, 2009

This is a very solid quiet compressor. The noise level is low for a compressor of this capacity, the tank fills up quickly and it could push air through my double action Iwata brush for a long time without draining the tank. If you are running it on the floor you should plug into a power strip on your bench to make it easier to turn off. There was no pulsation. All in all a great machine.