Meteor Rocket Kit

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Product Description:
Meteor Rocket Kit by Elmer’s.
This unforgettable kit features high performance rockets powered with baking soda and vinegar. The kit includes a unique formula that starts a chemical reaction inside the fueling module, creating enormous power that blasts the 20" Meteor Rocket over 100 feet into the sky. Kids can go for a new altitude record by varying the proportions of baking soda and vinegar, try balsamic vinegar to see if it gives an extra “kick” to the fuel or change the fuselage length to test flight characteristics – the sky’s the limit on chemistry and physics fun. For ages 9 and up.

Contents: 1 plastic bottle, 3 pieces balsa wood, 1 instruction booklet, 1 sheet fin template, 1 precut clear tubing, 1 nose cone, weather stripping 10", 2 pieces red plastic film. 1 piece silver duralar, 1 feuling module, 1 fin holder.

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