Prokofiev: The Prodigal Son Video(VHS/DVD)

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Prokofiev: The Prodigal Son Video(VHS/DVD). Here is a breathtaking portrait of one of the 20th century’s musical giants, a man who sought to stand aloof from the turbulent events of his time only to be swallowed up and crushed by them. The program offers superb performances of judicious selections of his works, from the barely-known products of his childhood through the canon of his famous works, from solo piano and vocal pieces to orchestral and ballet selections; it also interweaves stills and biographical reenactments with archival footage of the fateful times through which he lived. The questions this program raises about the relationship between Prokofiev’s sources, his goals as an individual and a musician, and his musical achievements will inevitably lead to a more thorough examination of his work. (92 minutes)

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