Silentaire Pressure Gauge, back mount

Silentaire has been in operation for over 50 years, and manufacture only the world's best quiet air compressors that are used in 150 countries, featuring quality air compressor pressure gauges.
Item Code: ST-C0088

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Product Description:

The Silentaire replacement air pressure gauge with 1/8" NPT male brass pipe thread is constructed inside metal housing with a brass pipe attachment.  It is made from top quality materials giving the user a virtually trouble-free experience with their Silentaire air compressor.  

The Silentaire replacement air pressure gauge is rear fitting.  It is also very easy to read and accurate with a dial reading of 0-240 PSI.  The diameter of the air pressure gauge is approximately 1 3/4".  

The Silentaire pressure gauge is manufactured out of Houston, Texas, with their main facility out of Italy.  Customer service is the best in the quiet air compressor business.  Silentaire is the market leader and largest quiet air compressor manufacturer in the world.  

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