Play It Again, Nam! Video(VHS/DVD)

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Play It Again, Nam! Video(VHS/DVD). Nam June Paik, born in Seoul in 1932, lives in several New York City lofts which more closely resemble Ali Baba’s cave than artists’ ateliers. Some of the performances that made him famous (or even infamous) include dragging behind him a violin attached to a string, breaking a violin, and playing the piano with a camera. More currently, in his Cincinnati factory, he builds cutting-edge video robots and audiovisual sculptures. Paik plays with images, and mixes them up to create another image: his own; he plays endlessly with keyboards, musical or image-enhancing. Artist, engineer, musician of images, he is interested in everything—reception, technology, theory. Once through is never enough, so "Play it again, Nam!" (30 minutes)

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