P'kolino Play Furniture


Píkolino is an entirely new concept in play furniture! Smart, multi-purpose products designed to be fun, functional and stylish.

Children learn and grow through play.
That is why creating a home that nurtures and encourages play is so important!

Píkolino's mission is to improve the play experience at home for both children and parents by designing innovative home play furnishings and accessories that are playfully stylish and functionally smart.

* P'kolino: Member of the Toy Industry Association.

P'kolino's founders were puzzled by the play furniture options available to their children. "Children are not mini-adults so why do we give them mini adult furniture..." With help from a team of designers Píkolino addressed these needs by creating stylish yet practical play furniture!

"P'kolino's products are not only beautiful but they are so smartly designed too! They have so many different uses for children of varying ages; my children just love it and so do I."
- Danielle
London, England