Myth Makers: John Ford and John Wayne Video(VHS/DVD)

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Myth Makers: John Ford and John Wayne. They helped to instill the mythic qualities of the cowboy in American cinema. This powerhouse program focuses on the friendship of John Wayne and John Ford, beginning with their first meeting in 1928 and spanning their collaboration over 130 pictures, 14 of which were made without a contract—unheard of in 21st-century Hollywood. The program analyzes chiefly their work in Stagecoach and Red River, as well as Fort Apache, one of the first pro-Native American films, and The Alamo, which Wayne directed. Their efforts in World War II—Wayne’s at home, Ford’s abroad—and the war’s effect on their later work are also considered. An ideal resource for the American film historian. (28 minutes, color and b&w).
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