24 stand-alone figures in different nationalities and cultures
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Product Description:

Let your child's imagination play for hours with these 5.5-in high stand up multi cutural and multi national figures. Kids can act out complete stories playing with them, while at the same time seeing a new cultural figure they may have yet to meet.

Purchase this kit for your daycare, school, after-school program, or for your own family. Children can be encouraged not only to affirm their own ethnic identity, but also to imagine and to practice many different kinds of relationships within and between these multi-cultural groups. The kit contains 24 painted wooden figures (about 5.5 inches high) representing four groups of Asian, African-American, Hispanic, and Caucasian families. Each family includes parents, grandparents, and two children. Combining the various figures results in an infinite set of possibilities. They can be used  with whatever background scenarios are available, such as homes, schools, playgrounds, farms, vehicles, and recreational areas.  

 This toy has been selected as the Scholastic’s Instructor Magazine Teacher’s Best Pick. Encourage play around this important topic.

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