Modular Bench - all wood, 1-3/4" MT-20

A modular bench - especially one made from all wood - is a great addition to a home or work place, no matter if it's for decorative or practicality.
Item Code: SH-WM-811ML

Mfg List: $1,494.00
Sale Price: $1,299.99
You Save: $194.01 (13%)

Product Description:

There are a lot of different kinds of furniture that can do a lot of good for a home or business ownere looking to add practicality and function to their surroundings. One good pick is a modular bench, and this one in particular is a good choice for those looking to maintain a natural theme. The design uses only wood to make up its build, so you don't have to worry about any part of its design conflicting with the theme you have created for yourself. Considering the quality of this modular bench's build, the price is fair and appropriate.

  • Constructed using only high-quality wood for durability and visual appeal
  • Priced fairly and appropriately based on the quality of the design
  • A history of quality design from a trusted producer
  • A good choice for home or business owners who want to enjoy a natural theme to their surroundings
  • Oversize shipping: $227.95

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